The War On Drugs Lyrics

The War On Drugs Lyrics

The War On Drugs Info:

The War on Drugs is an American indie rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 2005. Founded by close collaborators Granduciel and Kurt Vile, The War on Drugs released their debut studio album in 2008. Vile departed shortly after its release to focus on his solo career. -Wikipedia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Americana, indie rock, shoegazing

Years active:

Associated acts:
Kurt Vile, The Capitol Years

Name Origin:
Granduciel explained:
"My friend Julian and I came up with it a few years ago over a couple bottles of red wine and a few typewriters when we were living in Oakland. We were writing a lot back then, working on a dictionary, and it just came out and we were like "hey, good band nameĀ” so eventually when I moved to Philadelphia and got a band together I used it. It was either that or The Rigatoni Danzas. I think we made the right choice. I always felt though that it was the kind of name I could record all sorts of different music under without any sort of predictability inherent in the name"

Adam Granduciel -
vocals, guitars, harmonica, keyboards, samplers (2005-present)

Dave Hartley -
bass guitar, electric guitars (2005-present)

Robbie Bennett -
keyboards, piano, guitars (2010-present)

Patrick Berkery -
drums, percussion (2012-present)

Past Members:
Steven Urgo -
drums, percussion, sampler (2010-2012)

Mike Zanghi -
drums, percussion, sampler (2008-2010)

Kurt Vile -
electric guitar (2005-2009)

Kyle Lloyd -

Charlie Hall -
drums, organ

Tour Dates:

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