2 Pistols - She Got It Lyrics

2 Pistols Lyrics

She Got It Lyrics
(feat. T-Pain)

She Got It...
Ooooh Yeahhhh... Yeaah

I Know She Got It Cause She Lookin At Me Like She Want It, (Want It)
She Drop It Low, Make Me Wanna Throw Some D's On It,(Hey)
Whatever It Is You Cant Stop It, Cause She Get Low,
When She On That Pole, And That Lets Me Know....
She Got It [x12]

[Verse 1:]
Excuse Me While, Let Me Talk To Ya For A Second,
Lil Mama So Fine She Got The Whole Squad Sweatin,
(Damn)Hmmm How You Fit All That In Dem Jeans?
Was The Question That I Asked Followed By Let Me Buy You A Drink, Drink,
Young Boss Baby I Treat Cha' Treat Cha' To The Finer Things
Neck Bling, Wrist Bling, Wedding Ring, Nah Im Playin,
Might Light You Neck & Ya Wrist,
But Cha Got A ride Nice Dick And Uh,
Take Trips With The Bricks,
She Got It (She Got It) She Got It (She Got It) Thats What Pain Sayin,
Them Other Niggas Lame Man, Lil Mamma I Got The Game Plan,
2 Pistols, BMU boss I Make It Happen While They Talk,
Ridin 6's While They Walk....


[Verse 2:]
Girl You Know You Got It,
Cute Face And All With One Hell Of A Body,
Rappin When She Walk By Me, Then I Whisper In Her Ear Lets Go Get Private,
You Know Duff Doff, Girl You So Soft,
And Its A Blessin To See Her Wit All Them Clothes Off,
Baby Look Good With Them Clothes On,
It's So On, Lil Mama So Grown,
Gotta Cute Shake With Them Nice Thighs,
And A Pretty Set Of Tities, Thin Waist, With Them Brown Eyes,
Here You F*ckin With The Right Guy,
Go Ahead And Give It To Me, Not Later Baby Right Now,
Look At The Way She Shake It, (Shake It Yeah)
Make A Nigga Wanna Take It There, ( Take It Where)
This My Plan ,When I Get A Chan Leave With You If I Can,
Yeah I Got An Old Lady, Do You Got An Old Man?
Girl Understand We Aint Gotta Hold Hands,
Cause This Aint Love Its Straight Lust,
I Have You Back In The Morning Before He Wake Up,
Approaching, Hopefully, She Gon Be Bout It,
Cause Real Talk Shawty Sho Nuff Got It,
What It Is Baby?


She Got It And She Know That Shes The Soul
(She Got It) (She Got It) (She Got It)
Finest Body That I Ever Seen Before
(She Got It) (She Got) (She Got It)
She Got It And She Know That She The Soul
(She Got It) (She Got It) (She Got It)
Finest Body That I Ever Seen Before...
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