Amerie Lyrics

Amerie Lyrics

From the Album Cymatika Vol. 1 (2011) (buy at
Cymatika Vol. 1
Who's Gonna Love You

From the Album In Love & War (2009) (buy at

Tell Me You Love Me
Heard 'Em All
Why R U
Pretty Brown
More Than Love
Swag Back
You're A Star (Interlude)
Red Eye
The Flowers
Different People
Dear John
Heard 'Em All (Remix)

From the Album Because I Love It (2007) (buy at

Forecast (Intro)
Hate 2 Love U
Some Like It
Make Me Believe
Take Control
Gotta Work
Crazy Wonderful
That's What U R
When Loving U Was Easy
Paint Me Over
Somebody Up There
All Roads
1 Thing
Losing U

From the Album Because I Love It: Volume 1 (2006) (buy at
Because I Love It: Volume 1
Push It
That's What U R

From the Album Touch (2005) (buy at

1 Thing
All I Need
Not The Only One
Like It Used To Be
Talkin' About
Come With Me
Rolling Down My Face
Can We Go
Just Like Me
One Thing (Remix)
Why Don't We Fall In Love (Richcraft Remix)
Man Up

From the Album All I Have (2002) (buy at

Why Don't We Fall In Love?
Talkin' To Me
Nothing Like Loving You
Can't Let Go
Need You Tonight
Got To Be There
I Just Died
Hatin' On You
Show Me
All I Have
Just What I Needed To See

Other Songs:
1 Thing (Remix)
I Don't Care
I'm Coming Out
Love's Off The Chain
Talkin' to me (Trackmasters Remix)
Think Of You
Touch Remix
Who's Gonna Love You
Why Don't We Fall In Love (Main Mix)
Why Don't We Fall in Love (Remix)
Why R U? (Remix)

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