Asher Roth Lyrics

Asher Roth Lyrics
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From the Album Retro Hash (2014) (buy at
Retro Hash

From the Album The Greenhouse Effect Vol.2 (2013) (buy at
The Greenhouse Effect Vol.2
Maybe I Don't Wanna
Party Girl (feat. Lil Wayne)
Pass That Dutch
Females Welcome
Treat Me Like Fire
Apples & Bananas
Eggs Florentine
Pop Radio
Pearly Gates
Monday Free
Blurred Lines
Girl Scout Cookies
F*ck Up Da Fun
Actin Up
Lil Butt

From the Album Is This Too Orange? (2012) (buy at
Is This Too Orange?
Last Man Standing

From the Album Pabst & Jazz: Blended Babies & Friends (2011) (buy at
Pabst & Jazz: Blended Babies & Friends
Pabst And Jazz
In The Kitchen
More Cowbell
Common Knowledge
Golden Midas
Hard Times
Get By
Not Meant 2 Be
Running Away
Charlie Chaplin
Dope Shit

From the Album The Rawth (2010)
(with NOTTZ RAW)
(buy at
The Rawth
Gotta Get Up
Enforce The Law
Break Bread
In My Mind
Nothing You Can't Do

From the Album Asleep In The Bread Aisle (2009) (buy at

Lark On My Go Kart
Blunt Cruisin'
I Love College
La Di Da
Be By Myself
She Don't Wanna Man
Sour Patch Kids
As I Em
Lion's Roar
Bad Day
His Dream
Perfectionist (iTunes Bonus Track)
The Lounge (iTunes Bonus Track)
Y.O.U. (UK Bonus Track)

From the Album The Greenhouse Effect (A.K.A. The Greatest Mixtape Ever!) (2008) (buy at
The Greenhouse Effect (A.K.A. The Greatest Mixtape Ever!)
Roth Boyz
Black Mags
The Lounge
Just Listen
Morning Do
Keep Bouncing
Morris Roth
Cartoon Chick

Other Songs:
A Millie Freestyle
Another One Down
Back Home
Be By Myself (Remix)
Break Bread
Common Knowledge
Dope Shit
Gotta Get Up (with Nottz)
G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It's A New Day)
Last Man Standing
Pabst & Jazz
Party Girl

Asher Roth Info:

Asher Paul Roth, is an American hip hop recording artist from Morrisville, Pennsylvania, best known for his debut single I Love College. His mother has Scottish ancestry and his paternal grandfather was Jewish. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Asher Paul Roth

August 11, 1985 ( age )

Morrisville, Pennsylvania, United States

5' 10" (1.78 m)

Hip hop


Years active:

Jay-Z and Eminem

Associated acts:
All City Chess Club, Blended Babies, Nottz Raw

Asher Roth Quotes:
"The first CD I ever bought was Dave Matthews Band's Crash ...That is how suburban I am...I finally got into hip hop in '98 when I heard the Annie sample with Jay-Z....When I wrote my 'A Milli' freestyle, that was me listening to 10 years of hip hop and not relating to it at all. Like, Damn I don’t sell coke. Damn, I don’t have cars or 25-inch rims. I don't have guns. I finally got to a point where I had the confidence to do this thing myself, and I was making music for me. And it turns out, a lot of people feel the same way I do."

"Hip-hop has always been very influential in the ‘burbs, [but] it’s just a matter of where we could relate to it. You find a lot of kids that are really confused. You look at them and they’re dressed out of character. They don’t look right. I figured out, I don’t have to dress this way, but I can still love hip-hop."

"Cigarettes don't do anything for you except kill you ... I honestly don't believe [marijuana] is the gateway drug, because I use it and I've never done anything else ... I'm trying to be open about my 'pot smoking'."

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