The All-American Rejects Lyrics

The All-American Rejects Lyrics

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From the Album Kids In The Street (2012) (buy at

Someday's Gone
Beekeeper's Daughter
Fast & Slow
Heartbeat Slowing Down
Walk Over Me
Out The Door
Kids In The Street
Bleed Into Your Mind
I For You
Drown Next To Me (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)
Do Me Right (Deluxe Edition Bonus Track)

From the Album When The World Comes Down (2008) (buy at

I Wanna
Fallin' Apart
Damn Girl
Gives You Hell
Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down)
Another Heart Calls
Real World
Back To Me
The Wind Blows
Sunshine (Hidden Track)
I Wanna (Demo, Bonus Track)
Damn Girl (Demo, Bonus Track)
Fallin' Apart (Demo, Bonus Track)
Mona Lisa (When The World Comes Down) (Demo, Bonus Track)
Real World (Demo, Bonus Track)
On The Floor (Demo, Bonus Track)
Here I Sit (Demo, Bonus Track)

From the Album Move Along (2005) (buy at

Dirty Little Secret
Stab My Back
Move Along
It Ends Tonight
Change Your Mind
Night Drive
11:11 PM
Dance Inside
Top Of The World
Straitjacket Feeling
I'm Waiting
Can't Take It
Eyelash Wishes (Bonus Track)

From the Album The All-American Rejects (2002) (buy at

My Paper Heart
Your Star
Swing, Swing
Time Stands Still
One More Sad Song
Why Worry
Don't Leave Me
Too Far Gone
Drive Away
Happy Endings
The Last Song

From the Album Same Girl, New Songs [EP] (2001) (buy at
Same Girl, New Songs [EP]
One More Sad Song
Drive Away (EP Version)
Too Far Gone
Don't Leave Me
Her Name Rhymes With Mindy
Pillsbury Doughgirl
She Mannequin
Girl Of My Dreams
I'm On The Football Team (Hidden Track)

Other Songs:
11:11 PM (Demo)
Bite Back (from "Dirty Little Secret" Single)
Donde Iran
Get Out Of It
Girl Of My Dreams
I'm On The Football Team
Jack's Lament (from "Nightmare Revisited" Compilation)
Kiss Yourself Goodbye
Let Me
Paper Heart
Sierra's Song (90210 Soundtrack)
The Cigarette Song
The Future Has Arrived ("Meet The Robinsons" Soundtrack)
The Poison ("Alice In Wonderland" Soundtrack)
What Dreams Are Made Of
Whats Goin' On
Why Worry (Demo)

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