Beyonce, Cassidy - Ego (Remix) Lyrics

Beyonce, Cassidy Lyrics

Ego (Remix) Lyrics
I got such a big eeegoooo
Such a big eeegoooo
(uh uh hum) here we gooooooo
I keep a big desert eagllllllle
Right beside my big (uh uh hum) ego
An u can get cha head cracked like a game of c-lo
Niggas hate they could get ate like a dorito
Cause I spit acid on my raps
It's aminooo
My patience short like bobby valentinooo
So if u act stupid I'll shoot it like a free throooow

Yo umma m.c yo
Slash c.e yo
I drop hip hop weekly
Um da source ask zino
Ayo, I f*cked ya girl on da d-lo
Cause um dat nigga
And I gotta bigger ego
For free yo
I'll let her climb on da tree yo
Now she with me yo
So adios amigo
No u ain't big as me yo
So when I hit
She say my dick
To big, fat wide an thick
But I was born with enormous
When I try to fit
She holla like
U gotta big ego ahhhhhhh, shit
And that's why she on my dick
Cause I gotta huge ego
Umma hero
I saved the day it's l.o.v.e yo
She never felt that way till she started f*ckin with me yo
I took her from u like d-bo
Cause ya ass always had her goin to bed mad
Like ne-yo

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