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Ego (Remix) Lyrics
(feat. Trey Songz)

Uhh, this goes out to you and you and you... And YOU ouu listen

To say I'm egotistical
Is so stereotypical
If I say I'm the shit then maybe you can be my tissue roll
Girl you like a tootsie roll
How many licks do it take till it stick to my face
45, 46, 50 licks
Got somewhere to go so can we make it quick
Not a quickie though
Have faith like biggie tho
I'm on a chase for that diddy dough
I should make a sex video
Tha way I'm hitting hoes they be singing opera like (figueroa, figueroa, figueroa)
Singing nigga from the ghetto
Ain't nothing like a pretty woman in steelettos
Sex olympics I won a medal
Girl you need to ride no brakes no pedals
Yea I'm drunker than a motherf*cker
Even when I'm drunk tho, I'm hotter than these other busters
They say I'm wrong for saying that
Well shit you wrong for saying that
I'm sipping dos equis
You so petty
I'm so ready
Once had an awkward moment only cause I wanted (only cause I wanted to)
Middle finger my opponents
Baby girl I'm zoning and I really give a f*ck if you was on it
Song called bedroom could you feature on it
Sat in sheets bedroom I'm a beat you on it
They say my head big
Cause my head is
So I walk like my legs big
Is it illegal
To have an ego the size of pluto
When I...
Know that I'm flyer than any nigga that you know

[Verse 1: singing]
Baby what ya name is
Tell me who you hang with
Money out the anus
I can make you famous
So many people say that I'm conceited
Well DAMN, I'm starting to believe it
Set alotta goals and I'm starting to achieve it
Tell me what's the reason
Winter, spring, summer, fall
All of ya'll think that I'm the one you wanna be with
I be on some G shit
I hit it the deepest

[Chorus: Beyonce & Trey Songz]
It's too big
It's too wide
It's too strong
It won't fit
It's too much
It's too touqh
She talk like this cause I can back it up (trick)
I gotta big you know (yes I do)
Such a huge you know (soo big)
She love my big you know (that's what she said)
Talk like this cause I can back it up

[Verse 2: singing]
Flight got delayed
I was waiting on a car
Couple hours performing for a crowd
Said that I'm the shit
Shawty watch me move her bod
Just like vana white when shawty move her vowel
Beast tryna eat her
Wilder beast on the prowl
Get her super now you gon need a towel
You a super freak gon put it in ya mouth
Half on a baby we gon end up with a child


August 4th, oooohhhhh yeaaa
Come on...
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