Buckner Richard - Faithful Shooter Lyrics

Buckner Richard Lyrics

Faithful Shooter Lyrics
Ask her when you're upstairs later on
With her eyes bowing down and her last light gone
You looked up to her window from the backyard dusk,
Hired as a shot, lingered as a crush.

Stake me when I'm running and I'll stay down.
See, I've only had a photograph to drag around.
Would you take another trip with a candle like her?
Strike another promise and watch it burn.

Someone drove off slow.
Another left the day before.
Time was saved,
But not a thing was changed.

Faithful Shooter

It's low and it's bright and it won't be known
Till you wake up to the sound of the light below
Did you lose her mercy on some torn-down friend?
Half of nothing wasted and split again

If one of us had shown up,
Faded, fond, and tried
Waiting for some rain,
Not a thing would change.

Faithful Shooter

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