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From the Album Mayhem Music: AP3 (2012) (buy at
Mayhem Music: AP3
Ain't Gonna Happen
Half To A Hole Thing
Do It Big
Goon Music
Game Don't Change
Mind Of A Grinda
We Working
Narcotic For Sale
Look At Him (Look At The Bul)
Wake Up
Mayhem Music
I Don't Like (Freestyle)
Same Damn Time Freestyle
Cash Out (Freestyle)
Shaq And Penny
I Get It In
She Off The Hook
Belive In A Dollar
What The F*ck A Real Nigga Do
God Is So Good To Me

From the Album C.A.S.H. (Cass Always Stays Hard) (2010) (buy at
Face 2 Face
All Day All Night
Girl Like Her
Drumma Bass
Hate Me Or Love Me
High Off Life
She Addicted

From the Album Apply Pressure (2009) (buy at
Apply Pressure
Get That Bread
Apply Pressure
Body Bags
Ego (Remix) (Bonus Track)

From the Album B.A.R.S. (2007) (buy at

Intro (B.A.R.S. Vs. Da Hustla)
My Drink N My 2 Step
Where My Niggas At
I Will Never Tell (Uh Uh)
I Pray
Innocent (Innocent Man (Misunderstood))
Cash Rules
Leanin On The Lord
Damn I Miss The Game
Done 4 Me
I Get My Paper
Take A Trip
All By Myself

From the Album I'm A Hustla (2005) (buy at

The Problem Vs. The Hustla
I'm A Hustla
On The Grind
B-Boy Stance
A.M. To P.M.
Can't Fade Me
Kick It Wit You
Get 'Em
So Long
6 Minutes
The Message
I'm A Hustla (Remix)

From the Album Split Personality (2004) (buy at

My Interpretation
Get No Better
Make U Scream
Tha Problem (Skit)
Tha Problem
Pop That Cannon
Blood Pressure
Can I Talk To You
Real Talk (Skit)
I'm Hungry
Around Tha World
Hotel (Remix)

Other Songs:
11 Minute Freestyle
A Milli Freestyle
Body Bags
Don't Get No Betta
Ego (Remix)
Exclusive Freestyle
F*ck You Freestyle
Get Retarted (Freestyle) (From "U Cant F*ck Wit Me" Mixtape)
Get That Bread
Gucci, Louis, Fendi
Henny And Bacardi
I Run Philly (I Get Money Freestyle) (I Get Money Remix)
I'm A Hustler
I'm A Hustler (Alternate Mix)
I'm A Hustler (R&B Remix)
Ice Cream (Freestyle)
In Between The Sheets
It Is What It Is
Lean Back Freestyle
Let's Get It (Lil Wayne Diss)
Made You Look Freestyle
My Drink 'n My 2 Step (Remix) (feat. Swizz Beatz, Kanye West & Ne-Yo)
Na Na Nana Na Na Freestyle
Never Lie
Niggaz Is Wack
Raw Freestyle
Spittin' (Commin' @ Murda Mook & Cyssero) (Freestyle)
Stand Up (Sean Bell Tribute)
Take It
The Anthem
What Happened To That Boy Freestyle
Where Is Cass At?
Why (From "Put Ya L In The Sky" Mixtape)
You Already Know
You So Phony

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