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From the Album The Trouble With Angels (2010) (buy at

The Inevitable Relapse
Drug Boy
Absentee Father
No Love
No Re-Entry
Down With Me
Catch A Falling Knife
The Trouble With Angels
Fades Like A Photograph (Dead Angel)
My Life Before

From the Album Anthems for the Damned (2008) (buy at

Soldiers Of Misfortune
What's Next
The Wake
Cold (Anthem For The Damned)
Hatred Is Contagious
Lie After Lie
Kill The Day
The Take
I Keep Flowers Around
In Dreams
Only You

From the Album The Amalgamut (2002) (buy at

You Walk Away
American Cliche
Where Do We Go From Here
The Missing
The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)
My Long Walk To Jail
So I Quit
God Damn Me
It Can Never Be The Same
World Today

From the Album Title of Record (1999) (buy at

Welcome To The Fold
Captain Bligh
It's Gonna Kill Me
The Best Things
Take A Picture
I Will Lead You
I'm Not The Only One
Miss Blue
Hidden Track

From the Album Short Bus (1995) (buy at

Hey Man Nice Shot
Take Another
Stuck In Here
It's Over
White Like That
Consider This
So Cool

Other Songs:
(Can't You) Trip Like I Do
My Long Way To Jail
One (is The Lonliest Number)
Take My Picture
Thanks Bro
Trip Like I Do
You Walk Away From Me

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