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Blast Off Lyrics
I can damn near touch the sky wen I walk outside on my balcony
I'm falcon flyer pelican as high as you will eva be
N I can c da stars from one of me
You stuck dat kush inside dem sickles lot we got dat cattle roll
Yea. blast off [3x] we blowin up to da moon
Shout out to da goons. salute me wen u c me. filled wit money in da room blast off

[Verse 1:]
Full of nitro. dats dat hydro. get drunk everyday. cinco de mayo
Money. power. drinkin on mud. take it how u want it. you can dip it in da bud.
We quickin it unda wood. prolly take you 1 sludge
We smashin these bitches. only takin 1 hug. flyer dan ah sky above.
One side of da car washing drugs.
Pelican wit presidents. dat garbage nigga dats eva been.
Take ah look at me now. evidence. go harder than u eva went.
I'm mixin of my medicine which sprite & ice on top of ice.
Ima lifetime sacrafice dam right Ima stuff dis cash fo da perfect night.
Persistent and me be precise. pimpin by da place space. hustle [3x]
Nigger we dnt take a vacation. turn [4x] blast off to da moon.
Anytime you c da kid. movies is all I do.


[Verse 2:]
My mixpaes gon be direly. I ain't gon nvr c no hater.
U let dem streets raise ya. stay sharper than ah razor. my campaign major.
Excuse my rich behavior. go wea dese niggers nik cus most of dese niggers ain't nun but trailers.
Up n my fit taylor. put sprites on top of my shoes.
Got fish scale profit. now future done paid dese dudes. betta get 2 wea we [?]
I'm falcon n flyer pelican n swaggin on most of you dudes
I'm leanin. da way I left dat shit u dreamin. walk in da club dese bitches screamin
On top of da roof wea da penthouse leave by got ha feenin
Da way ha nxt to ah star. she wanna b gleemin
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