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No Compadre Lyrics
Mi no compadre [x7]
Me no, me no compadre

My seats on some reptile
You niggas ain't reptiles
I come with a lot of power
I come with the Aquafina
You hang on my naked married finger
I came with the chicken, I came exquisite
I wish me the check on my transportation
We came from this section [?]
See what I do when I came through faded
All of these niggas they gang related
Drug related got me walkin', pacin'
Peakin' out the window like a Kujo
See some real niggas gettin' dirty
Seen a pussy nigga get some recognition
20 racks inside of niggas bitches
20 bricks'll have a nigga twitchin'
They say you wanna conquer [?] all the mall
Diamond VBS'n, Niagara Falls
Dranks is drankin' fall asleep in the boat
Keep the stankers stankin', nigga right in my coat
Got a bracelet wrapped around my wrist
Like to see that shit light up and glisten
Want to see some fish come back a brick?
Put some bread on your head, get ya hit

F*ck around think it's a game
F*ck around, get on that drank
F*ck around with all the f*ck arounds
You f*ck around, get murked today
F*ck around, get work today
F*ck around with all the f*ck arounds
F*ck around, you gone get paid
F*ck around, we goin' crazy


I'm not a [?]
We can't be reunited
F*ck it, I'm not being modest
Had a young nigga right up on the [?]
My jewelry hang on my wrist like I'm retarded
I came with the gang and they like [?] retarded
Niggas be like that bitch must been imported
Niggas shoot birds at judge in the court
Bought a chain to swang at Mardi Gras
For forty bands a nigga daddy die
Automatic, nigga air you out
I was a [?], never, never, more
Greedy nigga with an attitude
All the rackin' in my [?]
I've been known to [?]
All the shit gone end in casualties
I be gettin' a lot of fettuccine
I just went and bought a nigga trap
They just wanna see a nigga miserable
Put a [?] on 'em, leave him critical
Take the codeine and let them [?]
Everyday a celebration
The struggle got me dedicated
This money got me levitatin'


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