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Make-Up Sex Lyrics
When they fight, they fight
And when come home at night they say
(Whew) I love you, baby, baby, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba

My lady's fine but she bugs me all the time
We used get along but now all she does is whine
I sit around and wonder what she's might just make up next
It's a drag but it's worth it for the make-up sex

For the make-up sex, for the, for the make-up sex
It's a drag but it's worth it for the make-up sex

[Verse 1:]
See I been chillin', layin' low
Stayin' in and blowin' dro
I got caught a week ago
So I'm just tryna slow my roll
It was good till Crystal called
She said she was lonesome so
I dicked her down and went back home
It's so hard to be wholesome, yo
My girl came in arguing about
What she heard from so-and-so
Told her "I don't know that ho
They lying, I been going slow"
She wouldn't f*cking let it go
"I hate you G" she said you know
But all I'm thinking is how make up sex gon' be incredible


[Verse 2:]
Okay it started in the kitchen washing dishes
She was yellin' at me vicious about something
That she heard, from them bitches
I told her "That's fictitious"
And she stopped and put the dishes down
Turned around looked and said she miss me when I'm not in town
But she doesn't trust me, thinks I'm always getting lucky
And she thinks I'm hooking up
With every groupie down to f*ck me
I told her she's the one for me
Then she pulled down my trousers
And the next thing that you know
We were on top the kitchen counter going

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