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G-Eazy Lyrics

Well-Known Lyrics
My life's a party I'm just tryna get my fun in
While I'm young and going hard and this shit I say is stunnin'
I bust in your face just to let you know I'm comin'
And I'm balling in the Golden State I think I'm Chris Mullin

Been hearing disrespect from all these children that I'm sunnin'
For I been putting work in you ain't been putting none in
So, thinking hatin on me, might just get you something
Are you dumb and you just wanna start some shit up off of nothing?
Look, I don't get it, you haters are pathetic
See I'm nothing, mass obsession will only hurt you if you let it
I know you like my style and my image and aesthetic
How I put my plans in motion that's kinetic, you get it?

Hating on me, bro that shit will get you nowhere
Your bitch checked into my show on her Foursquare
They like, "How he gets them hoes, though it's no fair!"
But hard work's paying big we don't need to go there

Only you can make you happy, oh oh
(Gettin' business more, homey f*ck you trippin' for?)
Only you can make you happy, oh oh
(It's so profound, in this stage they go out)
Only you can make you happy, oh oh
(You rappers can't ignore me, I'm who they checkin' for)
Only you can make you happy, oh oh
(I'm well know now, in this stage they go out)

[KAM Royal]
All these haters on my dick like a condom is
But if they starting shit we sparking quick, like tryna kids
The bombest chicks give me compliments, yeah it's common sense
Cause I'm coming with the Heat like Wade, Lebron, and Chris
DC boy and G-Eazy out in NOLA, when I drop my album bet it sells like Motorola
I get naked photos on my Blackberry when I'm touring yeah
I love a groupie cause she never questions my motives, rah

Cocaina I be coming with the dope
Tell them industry folks stay on your toes like a ballerina
I'm spitting my raps, ripping up tracks like I had cleats on it
It's a game of Simon Says, how y'all follow I'm the leader
Bitch I'm still undefeated you ain't seen a single W
Who's the f*ck are you, I'm the best, no substitute
Stick with my team, perfect family with the Huxtables
Living life and I love it dude, yeah

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