Gucci Mane - Bob Marley Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Bob Marley Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
They shot my homie for nothing, killed my homie for nothing
I smoke blunts everyday, to try to wish it didn't happen
But I can't bring him back, cause I am only a mortal
People think I'm a God, but to me I'm only normal
I used to trap on the corner, trap [?] with the thermal
I had that TEC in the bushes, run up on me I burn you
Folks they come to Atlanta, just to ride through my zone
Wanna see where I trapped at, they wanna see what's my home
In the place that I said, everything that I meant
I got so many pounds in the apartment think I got dreads
I got money in the bed, so I sleep with the bread
If you play with Bricksquad, them might take off your head

I'm so high, f*ck nigga I'm so high
I'm so high, baby girl I'm so high
She get high, your baby girl, she get f*cked up
And he get high, you know that nigga f*ck his nose up
I'm so high, f*ck nigga I'm so high
I'm so high, f*ck nigga I'm so high
She so high, but bitch with me so she good night
And you so broke, you looking at us with all this ice

[Verse 2:]
Bitch I bigger pay her or get bigger paid, everyday is a bigger day
Bigger nigga get a bigger gun, hit his ass in his bigger face
Bigger [?] and I f*ck with him, half the niggas he with her don't like
That young nigga 'bout trigger play, and my section Lil Jay like nigga day
Reiterate I'm 'bout pistol play, anything with my pistol say
Shoulder deep in this cocaine, but nigga I can hold the weight
Appraise me, I'm a mill' today
A mill, and a mill, made a mill today
Say you wanna do a show, what's the rate?
Told a nigga fifty with a steel face
Smoking on kush and I'm drinking on grape's, I feel just like I'm Pimp C
Say Gucci Mane you a murderer, so you can't get a sponsor like Pepsi
Say Pepsi, f*ck you, cause I f*ck with the Coca-Cola anyway
On check day it's booming, but it's real slow on rent day


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