Gucci Mane - Trappin Out The Mansion Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Trappin Out The Mansion Lyrics
We trappin' out a mansion with marble floors
Rifles in the pantry, where that extendo go
And I know how to handle it need a taco a ho
And I just might extend it got a choppa

[Verse 1:]
All gold dishes Gucci Mane trippin'
Million dollar kitchen grandma ain't livin'
Trap mansion duplex make a brick suflex
Gucci Mane glue bricks make one brick two bricks
Gucci got a Rulex oops I mean a Rolex
Flexin' hard at Rolex damn that was my old chick
10 chains on they yellow that was my old neck
15 watches all at one time I got that old check
Dang she can't dance for Guwap cus she a car wreck
He can't even go back too the club he left a bar debt
Baby said she ain't 'en hit the blunt and caught a contact
She took a shot then took off her shirt got in the contest
Guwop the new Big Cat who want a contest
Rude girls I call her Chiquita now its a bomb threat
This Charger here it cost $100,000 cus its a concept
You niggas left ya'll scraps in the car I got mine on deck
Gucci Mane you bird brain bitch you can't get one pic
Gave Peewee Longway a mil said f*ck a contract
We sip mud straight out the seal don't need no soft drank
Broke trick trynna drink with Guwop get your own pint!


[Verse 2:]
Trappin' out a mansion Fresh Prince Bel-Air
And I'm sending niggas boxes like its Next Day Air
Guwop in this bitch yeah Gucci La Flare
They call me Ralph cus all the sheets are polo here
Your girl friend squeeze me like the Polo bear
You hit first floor nigga ya see a whole bunch of bottles
Hit floor two see a whole bunch of models
Floor three ya baby momma got a cocaine problem
Like Bruh man from 5th floor we breaking in we robbers
East Atlanta Zone 6 and I ain't nun like Georgia
My older cousin still think drugs gone solve her problems
I'm gettin' head from this freak tryna touch her tonsels
Like MJ in Thriller nigga Gucci contract monsters
Call us country but these bricks still fly down yonder
How I grew up if he take you better take back from 'em
Trap house mansion naked girls dancin'
Nothing but dope it ain't nothing romantic
Lights went out cook dope with a candle
I'm watchin' the money keep watchin' the camera


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