Cloud 10 Lyrics by Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar Lyrics

Cloud 10 Lyrics
When the sun fall out the sky
All I have is me in the land of do or die
A freeway, a gas pedal, and a peace of mind
Now, that's the ultimate high
To the cloud I go, cloud I go
One time, baby tell me ya need me
Cloud I go, cloud I go
Two time, baby tell me ya love me

[Verse 1:]
Cause I've been drinking too much, thinking too much
We ain't been keeping in touch
Fell into lust, where is the love?
My independency got tendencies of lack of trust
I look at the street corners as my new woman
Seductive as you wanna be, hands on my new garments
And luckily, being in denial ain't the case
Cause I know she's unfaithful
Instead I'm grabbing her waist
And every part of her is tasteful
I know you're feelings hating
Fact, you think I'm ungrateful, I know
Selfish as I wanna be and every time you under me
I get the vibe you might need some time to grow


[Verse 2]
Cause I been dreaming too much, thinking too much
We ain't been keeping in touch
And every time that I think of your touch
Adrenaline pump, give me that rush
I'm gone like a thief inside the wind
Lord forgive me for my sins
I know she want me more, but I fiend for benjamins
She said I found the root of all evil, and lost a friend
Lost in the world of a young boy from Compton
That never knew love because love was never promised
I know, selfish as I wanna be
And every time I'm under you, me too
Need time to grow


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