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Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Lyrics

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From the Album Crunk Rock (2010) (buy at

Act A Fool
Give It All You Got
Ms. Chocolate
Outta Your Mind
Snap Ya Fingers

From the Album Crunk Juice (2004) (buy at

Crunk Juice
Get Crunk
What You Gon' Do
Real Nigga Roll Call
Bo Hagon's Phone Call
Da Blow
E40 Choppin
White Meat
Don't F*ck Wit Me
Chris Rock Let's Be Friends
Lovers & Friends
One Night Stand
In Da Club
Bitches Ain't Shit
Stick That Thang Out (Skeezer)
Grand Finale

From the Album Kings Of Crunk (2002) (buy at

Throw It Up
Knockin' Heads Off
I Don't Give A F*ck
Rep Yo City
Push That Nigga, Push That Hoe
Keep Yo Chillin Out The Street
The Weedman
Nothin On
Ooh Na Na Naa Naa
Nothins Free
Play No Games
Pitbulls Cuban Rideout
Get Low

From the Album Get Crunk Who U Wit Da Album (2001) (buy at

Bounce Dat Ass
Get Crunk (GCWUWDA version)
Who U Wit

From the Album Put Yo Hood Up (2001) (buy at

Put Yo Hood Up
Bia' Bia'
Heads Off (My Niggas)
Can't Stop Pimpin
Nothins Free
Chynalude (Outro)
Bia' Bia' 2

From the Album We Still Crunk (2000) (buy at

I Like Dem Girlz
Bounce Dat Ass
Nothins Free
Let My Nuts Go
Just A Bitch
Put Yo Hood Up
Move Bitch
I Like Dem Girlz (Remix)

Other Songs:
What You Gon' Do (Remix)
Get Low (Remix)
Put Yo Hood Up (Remix)

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Info:

Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz was formed by Lil Jon (born Jonathan Smith) along with hype men/rappers Big Sam (born Sammie D. Norris) and Lil' Bo (born Wendell Maurice Neal) in 1997. -Wikipedia

Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.

Hip hop, crunk

Years active:

Associated acts:
David Guetta
Lil Jon
Too Short
Trick Daddy
Ying Yang Twins

Lil Jon Quotes:
"Earning his rightful share is one of Jon's top priorities right now. The deal comes at a time when he has been very vocal about his unhappiness with his most recent label home, TVT Records. He told Billboard that he is] very unhappy ... don't know how to pay people and take care of the people that helped take his label to another level."

"Me and my team got it down to science, ... I just go in and do it. My job is to make beats and make something hot. When I go in, I catch a vibe. If the beat feels like it don't make you move right, I scrap that and go to another track. Sometimes it takes 10 minutes, sometimes it takes an hour to get one done. I just keep spitting them out. I got all these artists, and we gotta get these albums out. If I don't do beats, we don't put no damn albums out. That's my motivation right there."

"I grew up on N.W.A N.W.A and Too Short were my favorite groups. So to just be in the studio, and for him to listen to me and let me guide him, ask me what I think... I still can't believe I'm cool with Cube like that, 'cause that's Ice Cube."

"Andrew [Farriss] and Garry [Beers] and myself have been collaborating with other artists to just have a huge pool of songs ready, ... We weren't sure if [our new singer] was going to be a woman or a man, so some of the keys were written around a lady's voice and some keys were written around a guy's voice. And we just sat there madly pulling songs and J.D. goes, 'I like this one, this one's great.' Obviously it's really important that J.D.'s involved."

Lil' Jon Awards:
Source Hip-Hop Award for Producer of the year:
Source Hip-Hop Award for Single of the year collaboration: "Damn,"
Source Hip-Hop Award for R&B/Rap collaboration of the year: "Yeah,"

Grammy Award for Rap Sung/Collaboration: “Yeah!,”
MTV Video Music Award for Male Video “Yeah”
MTV Video Music Award for Dance Video “Yeah”

Billboard Music Award for R&B/Hip-Hop Group
Billboard Music Award for Independent Album Artists
Billboard Music Award for Independent Album “Kings of Crunk,”
American Music Award for Favorite Band, Duo, or Group (R&B/Soul)

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