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Everyday Lyrics
I don't care about money no more.
If it ain't right, it ain't right
Zip the bag up.
Drop it right there.
[Background female voice:]
Maybach music.

[Verse 1:]
I got these niggas hating on me
But I don't give a f*ck
Because they're bitches waiting on me
I'm just countin' all this money
And buyin' all these hammers,
So when these niggas play I let my shooters go bananas.
Dollars flashin' like a camera
My whip sounds like a Mustang
My bitch got on that shit, she got a million dollar-spasm.
These niggas gettin' sick
Somebody call a doctor
Cause all this blood's drippin' twenty rays on Louis Vuitton
I got Dolce and Gabanna,
Gucci, Louis, Prada,
Fly saddle, white socks, boy, I got a lotta.
My dream cabanas
That's where they'll probably find us
Tell me now the jam, I sayonara to you others.

It's for them bitches
I employ them niggas.
Wipe my ass with the riches
Like they're some toilet tissue.
F*ck with a winner
Minks in the winter
Philadelphia millionaire
Meek be that nigga.
Your niggas hatin'
My niggas ballin',
Poppin' million dollars bare into Magnum bottles,
My bitch is pacin'
Your bitch is boring,
F*cked her that Friday night we both woke up this Sunday morning.

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, nigga, lot of cash
Bad bitch, light a ass,
Let it get me kinda fast
It got to his head, it's kinda mean.
Make me bring them sticks out
AKA, look, they're comin'
Them niggas 're kinda nice
Which means that they kinda act.
I be on all kinds of shit
Boy, I get all kinds of cash,
Monday, I'm a wear my Jays,
Tuesday, my Prada bag,
Wednesday, I go Louie Vuitton,
And say: How you been? I say: Doin' fine.
But you go all like...
I hit the buzza.

I'm Superman
My bitch is superfly
I make a man wanna kill himself, suicide
That nigga play at me
He knows not to do it
Cause I got a big Mac
And that bitch, be suicide.
When I wanna let it go,
Boy I got a...
Motherf*cker let it hose,
All them bitches coming soon.
Tell 'em I am coming now
Tell 'em I am coming, cool.
Buy my shit, it's superhot
I named my album ''Summerjam''.


[Verse 3:]
We got a new rose
Came to me Jose
She said 'Did that work',
And I was like 'OK'
She said 'Give me money'
I was like 'No way'
She got mad and texted my phone
It ain't no word if it ain't no play.
I'm like 'Be gone, bitch
Be gone, bitch.'
I'll pop the guard
Turn on my On switch.
Them bitches ain't on that
Nigga, cause they're on this
You put more money in,
I put more money in.


[Background male voice:]
Can I ask a favor?
Please brace that nigga to step out now
Why fight it?
You're doing yourself a de-service.
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