Gave Em Hope Lyrics by Meek Mill

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Gave Em Hope Lyrics
Let them niggas have the Grammys, we got the streets
We rich already and my chick the baddest
This Rollie like my trophy, young nigga

When they needed motivation (What you do?)
I gave 'em hope
When my nigga needed money (What you do?)
I gave him dope
Every time we went to war (What we do?)
We gave 'em smoke
Fiends was copping, I was broke
F*ck that shit, we gave 'em soap
They forgot we gave 'em hope

[Verse 1:]
I would spend time on that corner trying to set me a hundred though
Strapped with that goggle, Miami to Chicago, we running, uh
I look at these niggas and I can tell they are not one of us
I ride in the back like a nigga that came 'round to friend or bust
They had it segregated, bulletproof Caddy, I escalated
Stepped up in my game like a escalator
When you shine like I shine, you get at your haters
Seen 'em roll with the fake and I hesitated
"Wait, these niggas serious? ", or maybe Meek Milly delirious
Judge had to sentence a nigga, no period
I'm putting fear in these niggas, ain't sparing these niggas
I cut out your head with a hair on the trigger
Try to reef with my change and I deal with you niggas
I I'll with you niggas, had the paramedics screaming, "Clear", on you niggas
Uh, back in the Phil, we gon' get to the money and stack at that door 'til we're way up
'Member them bitches? They played us back in the day like a Sega
Now I got paper, young nigga doing so major
Niggas is hater, look as they faze us
Yeah, we still balling, bitch, it's the Chasers


[Verse 2:]
Uh, get to the money and stack it up
I talk about it, I bag it up
You popping shit on your Instagram
Shit that you're popping ain't adding up
Shit that you're popping ain't making sense
I got fifty reasons say you're taking dick
And it's fifty reasons I should kill, nigga
But, for real, nigga, I been taking trips with my Philly niggas
Got the richest chick, she's from your hood
Niggas hating on me, I ain't really tripping, shit, I'm good
I be in the 40 with the.40 on me like I should
I be deep in your 'hood where you never be at
Be with them guys that you never could never dap
You could never adapt
You know the game, if you cosign a rat, you forever a rat
We were never with that
You tried to go "Money" May with that paper, but now you in debt cause you never was that
F*ck is you high? You know better than that
Mention my name and Berettas with that
I move for real in these streets, in a war with that piece and like metal with that
F*ck what you heard, I'm a get mine out the dirt
I'm a just sit back, I'm watching 'em serve
How niggas, they didn't rock the wave and they surf
I'm on my surfboard, this what I worked for
Mention my name, that's shit your get murked for
Shit you get robbed for, shit you get killed for
Shit you can carry boxes in the dirt for, oh

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