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From the Album K.I.S.S. (2011) (buy at
Rear View Mirror
Fabulous Life
Mess Up My Hair
Fugitive Of Love
Love Me Some You
Mr. Incredible
Problem + Solution
Runnin' Back
Before U Say Goodbye
Sorry (Bonus Track)
Love Comes Love Goes
Alive (Bonus Track)

From the Album Beauty & The Streets: Mixtape Vol. 1 (2009) (buy at

I'm Back
$ Can't Buy My Love
The Only One
Black Out

From the Album Sugar & Spice (2008) (buy at
Sugar & Spice
Must Be The Music
Sold On Your Love
One For You
Almost Naked
Cry No More
Ego Trippin'
Let's Go To War
All In Your Mind
Shy Guy
Money Can't Buy My Love
Back To Disco (70's Disco)
Fallen (Part 2) (Bonus Track)
Paradise (Remix) (Bonus Track)
Wish You Were Here (From Perfect Edition)
Lock U Down
Fallen (Remix)
Girls Dem Sugar
Sugar Daddy

From the Album Liberation / Smoke & Mirrors (2008) (buy at
Liberation / Smoke & Mirrors
Shake It

From the Album Liberation (2008) (buy at

I Am
Walka Not A Talka
Still A Woman
No Touchin'
Lock U Down
Lights Go Off
Switch It Up
Give A Chick A Hand
All In The Name Of Love
Life Is Too Short
Nothin' At All
Ayo! (Japan iTunes Bonus Track)
Ridin' (Remix)

From the Album Moodring (2003) (buy at

My Love Is Like... Wo
Why You Gotta Look So Good
Sophisticated Lady
No Sleep
Anatomy 1On1
Hurry Up
Things Come And Go
After The Rain
Whatever Bitch
Taste This
Take A Picture
Free Fallin'
Real Compared To What

From the Album Fear Of Flying (2000) (buy at

Turn It Up (Intro)
Case Of The Ex
Ride & Shake
That's Why I Wanna Fight
The Best Of Me
Lie Detector
How You Gonna Tell Me
Grandma Says (Skit)
Takin' Me Over
Now Or Never
Fear Of Flying
Flying (Interlude)
Can't Believe
No Tears On My Pillow
For the First Time
Man In My Life
Get Over (Outro)
Free (International/Re-Release Bonus Track)
Again And Again (International/Re-Release Bonus Track)

From the Album Mya (1998) (buy at

Whatcha Say
Movin' On
Baby It's Yours
Keep On Lovin' Me
It's All About Me
If You Died I Wouldn't Cry Cause You Never Loved Me Anyway
We're Gonna Make You Dance
If You Were Mine
Bye Bye
Anytime You Want Me
Dont be Afraid
My First Night With You
Movin' On (Remix)

Other Songs:
Best Of Me (Holla Main Mix)
Dime Struck
Do You Only Wanna Dance
Love Is The Answer (Single for the NOH8 campaign)
Movin' Out (Belly Soundtrack)
Never Gonna Let You Down
Not Gonna Drop (From "Fat Albert" Soundtrack)
One Night
Shake It
Sorry (Bonus Track)
The Hills

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