Playa Fly Lyrics

Playa Fly Lyrics

From the Album Prepare Or Beware: Da Mafia Massacre (2007) (buy at
Prepare Or Beware: Da Mafia Massacre
Gone So Long

From the Album Fly2K (2002) (buy at
Universal Heartthrob
Here Fly Come
Club Friendly
We Ain't Playin' Witcha

From the Album Just Gettin It On (1999) (buy at
Just Gettin It On
Gettin' It On
F*ck a Wanna Be
Just Awaken Shaken
Triple Bitch Mafia

From the Album Da Game Owe Me (1999) (buy at
Da Game Owe Me
Get Me Out
Ghetto Eyes
Talkin' Cash
Damn What Another Say
Breakin' Da Law
Start Runnin'
Get 'Em
Feel Me
N God We Trust

From the Album Movin' On (1998) (buy at
Movin' On
Movin' On
Start Runnin'
Write Sum Bump

From the Album Fly Shit (1996) (buy at
Fly Shit
Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth
Crownin' Me
Playas In Da House
Flizy Comin' (Triple Bitch Mafia Pt.2)
Da Show
Let's Get It Crunk
Got Ya Hot
Havin' Thangs
Work To Do

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