Poison Clan Lyrics

Poison Clan Lyrics

From the Album Ruff Town Behavior (1996) (buy at amazon.com)
Ruff Town Behavior
Put Shit Pass No Ho
Some More Shit
Game Recognize Game
City Boy

From the Album Poisonous Mentality (1992) (buy at amazon.com)
Poisonous Mentality
Inside Edition
All The Good
Ho' stories
Livin' In The City
I Hate Ho's
Rough Nigga Gettin' Busy
Some Shit I Used To Do
Groove With The P C
Shake Whatcha' Mama Gave Ya'
Somethin' 4 You Raggedy Ho's

From the Album 2 Low Life Muthas (1990) (buy at amazon.com)
2 Low Life Muthas
Low Life MuthaF*ckas
Spoiled Rotten
Jeri Curl
That Bitch That I Hate
Dance All Nite
Poison Freestyle

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Action (Mike Fresh Nasty Mix)
In My Nature

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