Wet Wet Lyrics by Rich The Kid

Rich The Kid Lyrics

Wet Wet Lyrics
[Verse 1 - Quavo:]
I met this bitch the other day
She said pay me before you talk to me
I asked her why is that?
She said boy do you think this pussy free
Damn, I thought she was innocent
I still paid for it and hit it, quit it
I still been f*cking with her about 6 months
You know a young nigga can't hit it and quit it
Damn, can I get a witness?
Know I'm not the only one who did this
Your friends is all in our business
Quit her then come back like Frisbee
Ain't gon lie, I think I'm addicted
And my main girl keeps tripping
Don't think I'd like to get rid of it
My side ho taking my benjamins

[Hook - Quavo:]
She got that wet wet, wet wet
Splash, splash, wet wet (water, water)
Spending all my money on that wet wet
And she might leave you wet, you call her natnat
I ain't tripping, I'm addicted to that wet wet
She wet!
Wet, wet wet, wet wet, wet wet
God I know she's wet, wet wet, wet
Wet wet

[Verse 2 - Rich The Kid:]
Your bitch getting wet like water, splash
Young nigga walking with the cash
Hit it and quit it, I'm leaving her dripping
Riding round the city with the bricks in the fender
At the Greyberry, laid up with two bitches
She sucked that dick like her teeth missing
That ass so fat but it's paid for
She can ride that dick like a skateboard
Bank roll, bank roll, young nigga walking with a bank roll
Shooters gon fold, we throw them bands up
In the club, throwing money like Meech, ho
Wet wet, wet wet, shawty really got that wet wet
I'm a young rich nigga, came up from the bottom
Walk around with jewels, no Dipset


[Verse 3 - Takeoff:]
I met this bitch, she said she went to school to be an architect
She seen my drop top, CLS and my Corvette, she got wet
She took a breath, I got her number
Soon as I left she shot a text
Said she was feeling my feng shui
And the way that I macho man flex
I put her on molly, she sneaking and geeking
I f*cked her, she wet on my Givenchy sheets
Giuseppe steppers or the red bottoms
That's 1000 dollars each feet
She sucking me up, out of control
Lord have mercy, take my soul
Wet wet, all night
Addicted to her like dirty Sprite


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