Solomon Childs - Action Lyrics

Solomon Childs Lyrics

Action Lyrics
[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah, this is it
The old school niggas is a wrap
You hear me? Boy!

[Solomon Childs:]
Killa Bamz, the kiss of a curse, all squads and units
Should now look to purchase a herse
Wu-Tang, bigger than these bullshit record labels
We touch souls, all over the universe
Powerful movement, never rehearse
Name a rap crew, we ain't influence, it's time to reinburse
Or have the rigs roll in reverese, over your body
Til you see your bone prints in the dirt
And since I came out my momma feet first
The thirst got me anticipating the outburst
And all these gangsta rappers, you can't hide forever
Under them skirts, what you gonna do?
When a hundred Wu hoodies show up at your concert
And you on stage smiling, showing your teeth
Like Mrs. Butterworth, no homo
Will kick you in your dick til it hurt or til they scream 'red alert'

[Chorus x2: Solomon Childs]
I want action (yeah) somebody better tell 'em
Somebody better tell 'em, tell 'em
Cause actions speak louder than words

[Solomon Childs:]
So let the vibe off the sinister rush your mind
Or be haunted like a voodoo shrine
Coast to cross the beat like an airline
A sign, to rip a new asshole in the bassline
I'm running my show rooms so f*ck a co-sign
It's yours, believe it or not, you cock suckers
The world is mine, and I'm intertwining with a dime
With the smallest waistline, my cough get by
Harrowed a king in his time to redefine
The outline, set you off like Colombian caffeine
Dudes be so hard, til you hit 'em with the 40 with the beam
And they body get peeled like they swimming in clorine
And nothing changed, it's the same routine
Niggas is fronting like they strength long as limousine
But get burnt like nicotine in the belly with guillotine

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
Ok, go head boy, tell 'em man
Ain't playing with you muthaf*ckas
Staten Island, you know where we at
West Brighton Projects, yeah, MGP, nigga, for life
Killa Mob, Wu Music

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