Spanish F.L.Y. - Loco Por Vida Lyrics

Spanish F.L.Y. Lyrics

Loco Por Vida Lyrics
[Ese Daz:]
Once again, it's on (Gangsta, gangsta)
Spanish F.L.Y. got it goin' on (Gangsta, gangsta)
Yeah (Gangsta, gangsta)
Spanish F.L.Y.
The originators of this oldies gangsta shit (Gangsta, gangsta)
18 With A Bullet, remember that? (Gangsta, gangsta)
Mato la todo, soy 18 with a bullet (Gangsta, gangsta)
Check it out (Gangsta, gangsta)
The desperado (Gangsta, gangsta)

[Verse 1: Ese Daz]
Orale ese, pull the trigger and bust
Spanish Fly Loco Youngsters don't give a f*ck
In '89, 18 With A Bullet and O.G. Lowrider
In '99, loco, we're still gettin' higher
Off the yesca, jura, marijuana takes me to the place
Where I think back
Reminisce about the good ol' days
Back in high school, sportin' Nike Cortez
Panotin, Raider hat, and Ben Davis
Like a fool
Sorted through the streets at night
Not giving a f*ck about gettin' shot cause that's the crazy life
Vida loca
For dealo coca
Watch my back, lookin' out for the soca
Cause it's a must
That I keep my eyes open at all times
Like a soldier at war, staying awake to survive
It's a shame, man, he had to die
But it's reality
Livin' La Vida Loca, gangsta mentality

[Chorus: Ese Daz]
Crazy life in the barrio (Barrio)
Drinking tequila out the bottle (Bottle)
Bangin' to the fullest til the day we die
Bald-headed, goatee in the gangsta rise


[Verse 2: Ace]
They call me A-C-E
Puttin' it down with the E-S-E D-A-Z
Spanish F.L.Y. two, comin' through
Droppin' gangsta shit
For the pull of a led
Where the hustlers make pay, slangin' yay
In the streets, hidin' out from the cops
Puttin' our rocks in the socks
Making sure they don't drop
Cause it's all about the dollar, dollar bill y'all
The ferria
The scrilla
To buy the alcohol, weed
And clothes we need
Rent a hotel room and make a rata drop to her knees
While she suck my dick, El Niko hits it from the back
And Lil' Blue's filming it
Drinkin' cognac
Making our own X-rated videos
Selling it to the homie in the barrio
That's how the locos do it in the H
Crazy life, getting high, f*cking hoes everyday

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Johnny D]
I was about 18 years old, crusing the streets of the hi-zzigh
With a bald ass head, throwing up the H til I d-izzie
Packing a pistol on these whinos like a desperado
The two can kick with a draw of wits
Dropping them points, that are hollow
While are we
Coming off
Of a journey through the streets
Music bumpin' House, Chronic, Coolsie, gradually
We walks in, it ain't nothing but a gangsta party
White tees, shade, FEDs, a gang of weed and some 40's
And these skirts
Showing us so much, get so high
They on fire
We Spanish F.L.Y., we'll taste the muzz, giving a female, we desire
Oh yeah, Lil' Blue, showin' proof, spittin' game
Me and Ace, in the back, smoking dank, feeling eazy
DJ Bubu, give me the mic so I could blaze
I got the homies saying "Ho," and the ladies saying "Hey"
As I leave
With a skirt
Looking as tight as a noose
Suckers wanna set trip, I'm a put on my tech nine and let loose

[Chorus x6]

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