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The Goodbye Girl Soundtrack Lyrics

Good News, Bad News Lyrics

What a gyp-
This I such a rip-off
Every time she sneers at me
I want to rip her upper lip off
But this is not a healthy way to live
I've gotta be more. . .positive

The good news is
She doesn't own a shotgun so I guess I got off cheap
The bad news is tonight I'm counting squatters
When I should be counting sheep
The good news is I'm here in New York where solvency
May await
The bad news is the good news ain't so great

Sure I'm tired, depressed and pissed
I'll pretend to be an optimist

The good news is I'm sharing this apartment with a pair
Of single chicks
The bad news is that one of them is rabid and the
Other's three foot six


The good news is we're safe in my bed not out on
The street, knock wood
The bad news is he could be here for good

Paula & Eliott

The good news is some quick negotiation
Kept the roof above my head
The bad news is a homicidal maniac
Is ten feet from my bed


The bad news is we're stuck with a roommate
This one is a ticking bomb
The good news is-
This time I'm the one who sleeps with mom!


The bad news is that I haven't slept a wink
And it's almost dawn
The good news is
Maybe I'll wake up and


She'll be

Paula & Lucy

He'll be


Why this?
Why me?
Why now?

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