Hate Me Now (TriggaMix) Lyrics by Trey Songz

Trey Songz Lyrics

Hate Me Now (TriggaMix) Lyrics
I feel like the track was made by Lucifer
But my spirit so big, like my lyrics is; a message out to Christopher
I'm out in the tropical and you niggas is typical
Way foreign women shake they ass so mystical
I'm such a phenom and you niggas is retards
Got my chest burnin' from smokin' expensive cigars
I got point guard, so they point hard
'Cause I'm winnin' and I know it disappoints y'all
They probably thought that I was just another negro
But I'm 23; 24; MJ; LBJ and Kobe
Y'all think I'm hot now, but I been cold
Got flow, nigga
That's a big Ten 4
Shout out to Virginia and my country kinfolk
Rockafella, Rocawear; wanna thank Hov
Stupid, dumb check just to take photos
'Case you didn't know that, I should probably share; a button, Kodak
I'm pushin' the ride
When I let her get inside, she gets very excited so call the girl Borat
Minister instrumentals like it's venom in my mental
Pictures in my mind so I paint 'em in the venue
Tell the women that I can do whatever
They meant potential
My hand I extend to haters as I should
I know you only wish you could do it like I does
And you ain't gotta love a nigga
So I know you gotta hate just to see how many love it
I'm they muthaf*ckin' favorite
Get up off Trey's dick
I'm so detailed
Niggas so basic
If this is a jungle you could say I'm goin' ape shit
Everybody ass, so they spittin' like they ape shit
Guess I'm one of the chosen
Spittin' bars is golden
Even though I don't need 'em
See, I'm a singer
You can hold him
Peers fold
Listen up, I told 'em
Don't hate me,
Hate the women that adore him,
People that endorse him,
Paper that I spend in the most abundant of proportions,
Hate the way I kill it; Baby Boy; no abortion,
Hate the way your local promoter cannot afford him,
Hate the way I came on a cloud, 'cause I'm flyer than any nigga that ever touched ground
Jealous 'cause women get overzealous when I'm 'round
And I got my own lane with the pedal to the ground
Tourin' so I ain't been to the ghetto in a while
But I'm so Petersburg you can smell it on me now
Ain't nuttin' you can tell a nigga now
If you wanna be the shit, I can tell a nigga how
Baby, I'm so the shit like I'm livin' in my bowels
You can eat a dick like it's chillin' in ya mouth
I spit, y'all drool; no feelin' in ya mouth
You niggas is like furniture; chillin' in the house all day
Baby, I be at the cheese, I'm a mouse all day
And you niggas is elephants; irrelevant
You'll never excel 'cause I'm so damn excellent
Magnum on these hoes in the gold like a medal at a sex event
If you gotta girl, I suggest that you arrest the chick
Handcuff her, put her in the car
If not, I guess I'll be sendin' her back to my house

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