Gravity Falls Theme Song Lyrics

Gravity Falls Theme Lyrics

Gravity Falls Theme Song Lyrics
(Gravity Falls Main Title Theme composed by Brad Breeck)


(kcab srettel eerht)*

*"three letters back" played backwards
which refers to the cipher to be used to decode the message at the end of the episode.
(For episodes 1–6, it was a Caesar cipher with a left shift of 3)

Ending Theme:

Oh, woah

[Original Lyrics by Lizz Robinett]

There's something more to this
That we have missed
Things around here are suspicious
Who can we put our trust in?

What have they all been hiding?
Secrets that lie in shadow
How much do they all know?
A place so full of mystery
Its just a puzzle to be solved

There are things you should know
That I can't show
It is better if you don't know
I'm not trying to deceive you

Just trying to keep you safe so
Please trust in what I'm saying
They're coming
Keep running

One day you'll understand but,
For now don't look back at all.

[Thanks to qeiben216 for correcting these lyrics]
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