Remedy Lyrics by Witchdoctor

Witchdoctor Lyrics

Remedy Lyrics
(feat. Big Rube)

[Big Bube]
Back to the frontline, resurrected this old skool shit
Cause niggas still respect it, it's all cool shit
Kinda tight so I select it to flow on
So unexpected and so on, but damn that
I wanna take a minute tram back with the mainstream
Playing field where the main team kill bodies
And wannabe John Gottis shoulda been Zulu
But who knew but too few in my crew
And the rest didn't listen now some of the best is missing
Some of the rest is dissing, some of your chest is missing
Some of your views is changing, but none of your time remaining
It's a goddam shame a lot of fake niggas claim heaven sent
But me, I'm hell bent on destruction of the mass constructions
Of the mass destruction, of my ass restructuring
Of the past reflecting off the last injection
This cause and effect is known as infection
Made it known being prone to our own demise is imminent
I sure hope we leave a remnant

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