X-Raided Lyrics

X-Raided Lyrics

From the Album Eternally Unforgiven (2009) (buy at amazon.com)
Eternally Unforgiven
Eternally Unforgiven

From the Album Deadly Game (2002) (buy at amazon.com)
Deadly Game
Deadly Game

From the Album City of Kings: The Sac-A-Indo Project (2002) (buy at amazon.com)
City of Kings: The Sac-A-Indo Project
Repercussions (A Time To Ride)
Retaliation (Coming For Me)

From the Album X-Ology: The Best of X-Raided (2001) (buy at amazon.com)
X-Ology: The Best of X-Raided
White Man Burden
Money, Power, Respect

From the Album The Initiation (2001) (buy at amazon.com)
The Initiation
Consider Me Dead
Let It Be Known

From the Album And He Shall Appear (2001) (buy at amazon.com)
And He Shall Appear
Kicc It 2nite

From the Album Vengeance Is Mine (2000) (buy at amazon.com)
Vengeance Is Mine
Write What I See
Hold On (What's a Thug to Do)
Most Wanted (Who They Wanna Kill)
Who But Me
Sac-A-Indo (Where I'm From)
Vengeance Is Mine
Post War Syndrome
Lord Have Mercy

From the Album The Unforgiven: Vol. 1 (1999) (buy at amazon.com)
The Unforgiven: Vol. 1
Who Is Y'All Niggas
Spitten Venom
Mortal Combat
Take Flight
Cemetery Full G's
Dead On Arrival Pt.1
Land Of The Lost
Kick It 2-Nite
Mama's Pride & Joy
Whatever It Took

From the Album Xorcist (1995) (buy at amazon.com)
Wanna Get High?
Deuce-5 To Life
Liquor, Niggas & Triggas
Witta Mask On

From the Album Psycho Active (1992) (buy at amazon.com)
Psycho Active
Still Shooting
F*ckin Wit A Psycho
Bitch Killa
Everybody Killa
Shoot Cha In A Minute
That's How My Trigga Went

Other Songs:
He Shall Appear
I Got Yo Back
Trial By Fury (Remix)

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