I Am! Lyrics
Diamonds kissing baby hop out the coupe,
Daggy shawty keep a strap if it shoot,
Dumb and dumber on the molly no roof,
Shawty givin it its coming oh cool,
Shawty fiendin said she wan f*ck the group,
I come over bitch its nothing to do,
X vool not a crip but I'm vool,
Molly baby in yo mouth figaro

Wait, white no Mary Kate, f*ck yo bitch like everyday,
She give head in her estate,
Molly on the dinner plate,
Take her on a dinner date no drinks she suck my energy,
Por que mami where you stay
Pussy sweet no sour Say yeeeaaa,
F*ck yea,
Say yeeeaaa,
F*ck yea,
Say yeeeaaa,
F*ck yea, yea

My wrist I'm whippin
Your bitch I'm whippin
My dick she whippin
Oww im drippin

[Thanks to iceyace.ia for correcting these lyrics]

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