Yk Osiris Lyrics

Yk Osiris Lyrics
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From the Album Worth it (2019) (buy at amazon.com)
Worth it
Worth it

Yk Osiris Info:

He first uploaded songs under the name Osiris, posting his single "Fake Love" in 2017 before taking on the YK Osiris moniker for future productions.

. "I'm Next (Freestyle)" was released in January of 2018, quickly going viral and collecting millions of streams. The buzz around the young rapper began to draw attention from the record industry and this interest was stoked even more by the release of his next single "Valentine" two months later. This song was an even bigger hit, amassing over nine million streams within several weeks of its release.

A remix version of the song featuring a cameo from Li'l Uzi Vert appeared shortly thereafter and YK Osiris fielded offers from various labels, eventually signing with Def Jam. -allmusic.com/bio by Fred Thomas-

Birth name:
Osiris Williams


Jacksonville, Florida

Rap, R&B


Years active:

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