Only A Priest Lyrics by A Covenant Of Thorns

A Covenant Of Thorns Lyrics

Only A Priest Lyrics
There's no bread
And there's no wine
I'll hear your confession
If you'll hear mine

We live lives
That we make
I'll be your angel
If my wings don't break

Yeah, there's really nothing left to say
Cause if you don't need me and you don't need me
I'm nothing
Yeah, it doesn't matter anyway
Cause if you won't see me and you won't see me
I'm nothing

Falling down, out from Heaven
Crawling up, out from Hell
Hold me up, I'm the son of angels
Hold me down, maybe I don't care
Held sacred
Then thrown away
I will bleed for you
As I pray

Dressed in white
And dragged through the mud
I'll be your body
And your blood

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