Saline & Bitter Lyrics by A Covenant Of Thorns

A Covenant Of Thorns Lyrics

Saline & Bitter Lyrics
An echo in a see of fear
Filled with blood but the water's clear
Like saline in a tear
A lonely face in an empty crowd
I've felt the bitter cold
It takes hold and won't let go
I've felt the bitter cold

You let yourself down You'll turn yourself around

I don't know what's going on
But it's strange hear
Sometimes I feel
Like I don't belong
There's nothing worse
Than being ordinary
But next time
That won't get in my way

It's lonely inside your heart
The way the wind whispers in tongues
Afraid to play your part
And if you had wings you'd fly away
I know it hurts out there
And that the world will never care
I know it hurts out there

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