Shape-Shifter Lyrics by Alabama Thunderpussy

Alabama Thunderpussy Lyrics

Shape-Shifter Lyrics
This world's holding me by the throat
Choking my words with nylon rope
As I swing in morning brightness
Weakened from a war I cannot win
Only pills will destroy accidental sins
Another rough road to recovery
My shadow wrestles the walls while passing
By the same existing hall that leads to a place
Where worried minds can rest their torment

Eternal rage [x3]
for a sudden change

If it's money you're after
I'm not a wealthy man
If it's power you're after
I'll give what I can
Whose bridge did I burn?
Normal living turned disastrous

A dark image painted with the desire once lost
Through the year of several broken hearts I have caused
Revenge has taken its toll
Weather stubborn or forgiving every bit of control is yours to operate
This illness infects the sense we trust
Passion kills not one but all of us
As the connection scrambles and crumbles to dust

Eternal rage x3 for a sudden change

Teardrops from an upset clod
Penetrating my open sores
Clear needles of salt decide
As I painfully wait for a cure

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