Threshold To Essence Lyrics by Alastor Sanguinary Embryo

Alastor Sanguinary Embryo Lyrics

Threshold To Essence Lyrics
[Music: Demonhead, Abrahkkan, Glaciabolous, Grackons]
[Lyrics: Abrahkkan]

Channel my physics in many spirits, not of my own
I will turn mud in clear water, then wine. Venom from my veins in pure blood

Agnus - bitim - lia - eras
Metris - leva - luna - terra
Ritual - cum - magice - oscura...

Empty my mind... I must learn to eat time
Away all dismal thoughts and diffuse the memories

Father Universe High Supreme Being
Lord of the night and light giver
I will search my body looking for my shadow
To get interviewed with her and let her act through me

I believe in all these miracles
Made by my own hand, cut with swords of essence
Oh black magic, highest power
Trimephisto show me my way

I'm now walking thy dark labyrinth feeling closer its center
Where the brightest green sphere is waiting to consume me

Light will shine and thunder will strike, voices from heaven will cry
In the moment for me to cross the gate to essence the final proof is being released
For the gore it may cause, the power can't be misused
For the light they'll emit, thy hands are crystal made

I hear the wind speaking I can't comprehend
Creatures ask me to follow but I'm afraid
Could it be my own power is frightening me?
I'm a statue at the threshold I dared not enter

I'm now leaving thy dark labyrinth trying to find an exit
But thy brightest green sphere have turned me a blind man

Away all dismal thoughts and diffuse the memories
Empty thy mind... You must learn to eat Time

I will not escape the powers are revealed
Given at this time, granted are indeed
I must make myself a music form and create the art of Absu
But the time is only fashion of a plane not of the shadow

I believe in fantasy ghouls
Magic creatures from my shadow
A God is raising now!!!!

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