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Birdman Lyrics

Pricele$$ Lyrics
Yea, Burrrrr, Burrr,
CMB always,

[Chorus: Lil Wayne]
How come gettin money never gets boring,
How come gettin money never gets boring,
Baby I gotta stack, what you gonna do for it,
Then you bring it back like the Motherf*ckin chorus,
And you bring it back back back back back back back,
And you bring it back back back back back like a motherf*ckin chorus,

[Verse 1: Birdman]
Back on my set,
Tool in my hand,
Big money was the plan,
So I'm back where I started,
Back where it come from,
Back where we went with it,
Third wall[? ] soldier out the Phantom doing big business,
Situations thick you got the homie toting two two's,
Comin back old skool,
Did it like he want to,
Headed to the pen now he back up on the slab,
Big money of the ab,
Hundred g's in cash,
Brand new whip, old skool Caddy,
The dump truck,
A stash spot,
Then came up,
It's more 1's Nigga,
Versace sheets,
Serve is more money in the new fleet,


[Verse 2: Birdman]
Bought a new Phantom,
Suede with the gators,
Brand new Louis always ready to spray it,
Like father like son,
Money is a must,
These hoe's we don't trust,
Brand new trucks,
Shined every summer,
Ran with the numbers,
Stash spot cool got a 50 piece humming
Back up on my saddle nigga hustle for my shine,
Just an ordinary nigga on a million dollar grind,
Big timer old skool, new skool nigga,
Is more money homie,
More money more money more money homie,
My bitchs paid Cavalli Shades,
Blowin haze, Everyday,


[Verse 3: Birdman]
Flip another hundred,
Get another Hundred,
Spend another Hundred,
Burn another Hundred,
Blow another Hundred,
F*ck another Hundred,
Get big money nigga, Stuntin on a hundred,
50 Whips extra clips did it for the sunshine,
Garbage bag full hard body with a fireline,
Flip another brick, Drink a little dip,
Stunna Island nigga shinin' with a bad bitch,
AR Nigga, riding skinny tires,
Fully loaded high when you floatin' in the sky,
Rockin' Gucci blades, ridin triple blades,
Tax on the face, A Nigga's been paid,

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