Cabin In Caroline Lyrics by Flatt And Scruggs

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Cabin In Caroline Lyrics
There's a cabin in the pines in the hills of Caroline

And a blue-eyed girl is waiting there for me

I'll be going back someday and for her I'll never stray

And the cabin in the hills of Caroline

Oh the cabin in the shadows of the pines

And a blue-eyed girl way down in Caroline

Someday she'll be my wife and we'll live a happy life

In the cabin in the hills of Caroline

I'm packin' my grip for that long long trip

Back to the hills of Caroline

I want to see that blue-eyed girl she's the sweetest in the world

And the cabin in the hills of Caroline.

And when it's late at night and the moon is shinin' bright

And the whipoorwill is calling from the hill

Then I'll tell her of my love beneath the stars above

How I love her now and I know I always will.

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