My Girl Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

My Girl Lyrics
[DJ Khaled:]
My Nigga Weezy F Baby
That Nigga Soldier
A.K.A. Loyalty

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Listen to my darling ever so precious.
My girl, my baby, Cashmoney Records.
And As For The Record. The Relationship through.
And we, we lasted longer than them asses expected.
And, se we was strong when they neglected you.
We held on when the others were seprate.And desprate.
Na never did. Cus ya boy got leverage.
Though his friends tellin him when he could do better than.
But whatever them. Friends come questionin.
Me and you stuck by eachother, never letem in.
That's veteran. That's Evident.
We gota lose them old niggas that's evidense.
You my new and old testiment.
And when them haters start pressin then them bitches start pressurin.
I'm a represent. Yeah with every inch.
I got to cus I'm the president.
Some other ladies lost their main niggas.
So rest in piece B.I.G. from cashmoney and wayne nigga.
And I ain't tryin to lose my main girl.
I say it's Cashmoney mother f*ckin records, Waynes world.
I had conversations, with other top women.
We talked about going steady but I wasent ready.
I havent got in it.I was not with it.
Because the pussy at home was my own.
My thrown is ready, the seats warm.
As soon as we get out the rain we se a storm.
And you went throughout my veins in every arm. So even throughout the pain I'm very calm.
These niggas talkin bout my bitch and how they f*cked her.
And how they hate her. And how they used to love her.
And I almost left, I was weak. And we still move in unis every week.
I'm sorry.

[Lil Wayne: Talking]
Man, you know I'd never leave you. Till I kill myself in 9/4.Just cause my momma said I could'ntbe with you.
I love you

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne]
And now I'm feelin like pac, me and my girlfriend.
Death to all you other bitch niggas, hope ya world end.
No reunion, No records. Nigga f*ck ya'll I wish I never met ya.
And Birdman still my father, Slim still a godfather.
And this is Cashmoney carter.
We mash for the money nigga ain't nothin change.
The only thing changed is the cribs and the banks. (Got Money)
The stakes, and the plates, and the dates.
Nigga you don't know what I mean if you ain't got cake nigga.
You broke, I'm straight nigga.I'm good like great nigga.
I'm figure 8 nigga. 8 am I'm early, you late nigga.
I'm gone, you gotta wait nigga.
I'm hot, gimmie my shit. CMB baby I love my bitch.

[Lil Wayne: Talking]
Yeah, that ain't fair, but I don't care.
I'm a mother f*ckin cashmoney millionare.
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