New Cash Money Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

New Cash Money Lyrics
I'm from de cocaine era, packs in my stroller,
Two beepers and a flip, startech Motorola,
Bally silts? Kangol tilts,
Stand straight when the boss talkin, hush yo lips,
My affiliates contract hits,
I let da street declare war when you want dat beef,
Talk cheap, get money, I was taught to ride,
Loyalty came first and we don't switch no sides,
I'm a savage on the block, nickel rocks, and heroin hopes,
I walked da ghetto like them, but I was takin my notes
Certified goon, the locks on standby
I just need a couple real niggas I can stand by (C.M.B.)
A bad bitch with hips
And two niggas on the interstate takin them trips
I'm into carrots like Bugs Bunny
Young Brisco, da New Cash Money

[Lil Wayne:]
(Waaah) Reportin live from da booth,
I'm killin these bitches, Young Wayne Carruth,
Untamed and loose, plus drank and juice,
I was once a spark, into a flame it grew,
I don't complain to you, don't complain to me,
Erbody got beef and I just came to eat,
I'm in da game for D, if you in my lane I beat,
I been runnin this shit and I ain't neva sprained my knee,
And guess who came home, Roney da OG,
He still on paper, nigga we neva free,
And fo my homie Streets I'm a twist one up,
He can't even hit da kush he gotta piss in da cup,
What is dis on my wrist, shit it's sicker than uggh,
Yo Brisco, there ain't a sky bigger than us,
Wats good I'm in diamonds is you tippin or what,
I took ya bitch and she ain't comin back to work fo a month, Weezy!

I'm in da all red slide spur?, sittin on Ashantis,
With a bad red bone dat look somethin like Ashanti,
[Lil Wayne:]
Ok, Light brown, tan medina,
With a, light brown thick thing like Trina,
Um, you probably seen us,
Rippin da streets up with no top between us,
Your so genius,
Dats my word you know I got you twin,
You a real nigga dog, thanks for lettin me in,
[Lil Wayne:]
Yea, we in the game now and I'm bettin we win,
And I'm da rapper landlord just collectin my rent,
I put da house on lil Bris, he gon eat dis year,
Stop fo da real niggas who ain't see dis year,
[Lil Wayne:]
Open ya eyes, open ya eyes, cash money has a new face,
And we go tie da shit up like a shoelace'
And dats me da young hood messiah,
07 I'm a set da f*ckin hood on fire
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