Im Sailin Lyrics by Mazzy Star

Mazzy Star Lyrics

Im Sailin Lyrics
I'm sailin' sailin',
Place I've never seen
That's way down south,
Sweet 'ol New Orleans
'Cause my hometown friend treat me awful mean
If I could holler, Yeah holler
If I could scream and cry,
It hurts me so
When I look up in the sky,
'Cause my friends turn their heads,
As they pass me by
Now it's rainin', It's rainin'
The wind's blowin' cold,
Lord I thought I heard
My train whistle blow,
Now I'm gonna sail so far
'Till I won't be back no more
Pardon me, pardon me,
It's so hard to stand
I ain't got no money,
Uncle Sam has called my name
Now there's not a soul,
To give me a helpin' hand

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