Rend Collective Lyrics

Rend Collective Lyrics

Rend Collective Info:

Rend Collective is a Northern Irish Christian experimental, folk rock, worship band originating from Bangor, Northern Ireland.

Rend Collective was established in roughly 2002 to 2003 with the concept of trying to figure out the purpose of their lives. So, about 15 people started a Collective to try to reinvent worship in our contemporary culture, but the band comprises six members that tours and makes the albums. The rest are there for support and to encourage the band "spiritually, musically, and missionally". -Wikipedia

Also Known As:
Rend Collective Experiment

Bangor, Northern Ireland

Christian Experimental, folk rock, worship

Years active:

Gareth Gilkeson
(leader and drummer)

Chris Llewellyn
(lead vocals and guitars)

Ali Gilkeson
(percussion and keys)

Patrick Thompson
(electric guitar )

Past Members:
Bridget Herron
Will Herron

Tour Dates:

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