New Rap Language Lyrics by Treacherous Three

Treacherous Three Lyrics

New Rap Language Lyrics
f/ Spoonie Gee

[ all ]
We rock
And don't stop
Well, it's the supercagifragilisticefpialidocious
With no strings attached, no bags of tricks
This is the way we get our kicks

[ Treacherous Three ]
We're qualifyin, rectifyin
Rock until the day we're dyin
Everytime you're screamin, cryin
Well, we're here with no denyin
[ Spoonie Gee ]
We hold our own and our pride
[ Special K ]
Just take a step and kept in stride
[ L.A. Sunshine ]
Set down rules you will abide
[ Kool Moe Dee ]
We're gonna take you for a ride
[ Spoonie Gee ]
Before we're rockin as a full
Let's introduce us one by one
[ Special K ]
I'm Special K, I'm on display
I rock across the USA
[ L.A. Sunshine ]
L.A. Sunshine, I rock your mind
I do it to you everytime
[ Kool Moe Dee ]
Remember me, MC Moe Dee
The man that's at the t-o-p
[ Spoonie Gee ]
I'm Spoonie Gee, as you can see
I rock the whole society
And at the end you will agree
Nobody rock the mike like me
[ Treacherous Three ]
But Special K, Sunshine, Moe Dee
You add us up, we'll equal three
[ Spoonie Gee ]
And on the mike we turn it out
Young ladies fight without a doubt
[ all ]
If if you don't believe us
You should check out how we rock for you
If if you don't believe us
You should check out how we rock for you
If if you don't believe us
You should check out how we rock for you

[ all ]

[ Spoonie Gee ]
Moe Dee, you got a lotta class
Well, rock a rhyme and make it fast

[ Kool Moe Dee ]
The super scooper, party trooper
Man with all the super-duper
Disco breaks, have what it takes
A man who never makes mistakes
A rappin lord, I'm not a bore
The baddest man you ever saw
The money-makin, earth-quakin
Man who gets the party shakin

[ Special K ]
Undefeated, never beated
Never cheated, but succeeded
If I need it, jubileeted
Rhymes are guaranteed
Wheelin, dealin, women-stealin
Casanova booty-feelin
Understandin, reprimandin
Rockin knowin that's demandin

[ L.A. Sunshine ]
No complication, stimulation
Man who's gonna rock the nation
Lime rhyme, battle time
My opponent, he's all mine
I'm not the baddest, not the maddest
When I'm win I am the gladest
No beginner, not a sinner, on the mike I'm just too bad

[ Spoonie Gee ]
Well, I'm always clean, I'm not too mean
The baddest man you ever seen
The finger-poppin, non-stoppin
Man who gets the party rockin
I'm so vicious and ambitious
To the young, cause I'm delicious
Good lovin I always make
I always do with no mistake

[ Kool Moe Deee ]
And I'm very, very, very, very
And my favorite flavor's cherry
Oh my God, it's fame and glory
But I never tell a story
The only time I'm on a mike
Because it's somethin that I like
To be assured the rhymes are lure
I always keep some sets in store

[ Special K ]
The bad, bad, superbad
Never sad, always glad
Not a day you find him mad
Ain't nothin I never had
Sleek, sleek, so unique
Guaranteed to move your feet
So everytime I play the beat
Ladies get up out their seat

[ L.A. Sunshine ]
The wheelin, stealin, double-dealin
Man who rocks it on a feelin
Give you more of rhymes galore
I shoot my shot, I always score
Girls on my jock and on the lock
The man who rock around the clock
I never date, I never wait
The man who set the people straight

[ Spoonie Gee ]
Well, Spoonie Gee, as you could see
I rock the whole society
I always rock, as you can tell
I rock with all the clientele
Finesse is do you know I will
I keep the people starin still
Eyes swollen, rhymes tollin
Comin out this microphone

[ Kool Moe Dee ]
Remember me, MC Moe Dee
The man that's at the t-o-p
A ladies dream the way it seem
When they see me, their eyes are gleam
And I'm so shockin when I'm rockin
Bound to get your fingers poppin
Have no doubt, I turn it out
Cause that's a party's all about

[ Special K ]
Equal sharin, always carin
Man who rhymes with all the darin
Satisfaction guaranteed
Givin you just what you need
I'm Special K with all the plannin
No defeat, the Mozart standin
When I look into the mirror
Knowin there's no one to see

[ L.A. Sunshine ]
A ???, that'll do it
I don't need some disco fluid
Ball-playin, girl-layin
On the mic I'm rhyme-sayin
MC who rock viciously
Satisfaction guaranteed
Or you'll get your money back
Believe me, girl, it's not the wack

[ Spoonie Gee ]
Well, I'm indeed the one that leave
With any girl I wish to see
That make her smile and never frown
Cause I'm the man who get on down
Have everybody feel they face
And give their tongue a taste
Don't try to make em scream and shout
Just show em what it's all about

[ all ]
Treacherous Three as you can see
Special K
And Kool Moe Dee
And don't forget MC Spoonie Gee

[ Special K ]
For MC's who bite
The fast-talkin rhymes
They're gonna feast
So get ready to eat
Moe Dee's the originator
So you might as well starve
Cause you can't catch this fast beat
(Hit it, Moe)

[ Kool Moe Dee ]
Hey, diddle-diddle on the fiddle
Cause the cat is in the middle
Will he rhyme or will he riddle
Does he ???
Have a lot, may be a little
Low cause he can feel his middle
And an ocean full of lotion
Cause it's like his magic potion
But my notion's that the potion
Work itself up like a motion
When you're catchin Superman
And you don't seem to understand
Instead of high he's in the aisle
But the cat was found missin somewhere on the line
The only thing he hears bein deaf because of Kool Moe Dee
??? walkin ??? whether talkin on the street
Whether north or south or east
Whether human or a beast
I'm so full of disco (power)
It ain't a MC that I can't devour
In a hour talkin fast and he goes sour
Moe Dee, the disco tower power
So take a deep breath, get a drink of water
Special K, you can say it, but make yours shorter

[ Special K ]
Well, I'm so sincere, just sincere
The baddest MC of the year
Say it low, say it loud
Say it special, say it proud
Takin every year in hell
I weigh the highest on the scale
When I rock I take a bow
Sunshine, come on and show em how

[ L.A. Sunshine ]
The girl-teasin, woman-pleasin
Take a girl, others freezin
Got the heart to play the part
I'm not too sweet, I'm not too tart
We're rappin to the funky beat
The kids all chowed like us like a treat
So come on then and get a taste
Believe me, girl, it's not a waste

[ Kool Moe Dee ]
The super-rhymin, fascinatin
Faster rhyme originatin
Number one when I'm creatin
Number one with no debating
If you look up on the rating
You will see that you're degrading
And you're only commentating
And that gets to be frustrating

[ Special K ]
Yes, for real, we are the deal
And on the mic we use our skill
The latest greatest, no one hate us
Take us home, we're gold-plated
Rappin raw and never bore
And always keep you on the floor
And rock and roll and take control
And rock until we're grey and old

[ L.A. Sunshine ]
The law-abiding, never fighting
Girls are ??? hiding
Pain-enduring, love-ensuring
Cool, calm, and most alluring
Constant on the jock
The man who make the party rock
I gratify and satisfy
Girl, just say, just say good-bye

[ Spoonie Gee ]
Well, I'm lettin you know I am a pro
Just give me a mike, I'm on the go
[ Treacherous Three ]
The three MC's that never freeze
That rock you on down to your knees
[ Spoonie Gee ]
Like Earl the Pearl that shocked the world
Spoonie Gee attracts a girl
[ Treacherous Three ]
We're cool and calm and have the charm
Young ladies say we mean no harm
[ Spoonie Gee ]
S-p-o-o-n-y Gee
[ Special K ]
S-p-e-c-i-a-l K
[ L.A. Sunshine ]
The S-u-n-s-h-i-n-e
[ all ]
Moe Dee, all the way, y'all

[ Kool Moe Dee ]
To the south, to the west, to the east, to the north
(Come on, Moe Dee, you go off, you go off)
Well, I can shock ya and amaze ya
Then I hit ya, then I did ya
Either way I'm gonna faze ya
But I never ever played ya
Cause that is your own behaviour
And the cost is in our favor
And since you're on the jock, you can choose your favorite flavor
If you don't know what's the matter
We can serve ya on a platter
And for your delight, well, we can add a little batter
To the south, to the west, to the east, to the north
Come on, Special K, go off, go off

[ Special K ]
Cause we're a top organization
And we're here to rock the nation
We need cooperation to perform this devastation
Have you swingin, have you swayin
On the mic, and I be sayin
No more jokin, no more playin
We rock with no delayin
>From the south to the west, to the east, to the north
Come on, Sunshine, go off, go off

[ L.A. Sunshine ]
Say rag-tag, garbage bag
Other MC's know the half
With no permission they all listen
Get their rods and they go fishin
To the bottom of the pod
And bite our rhymes no matter how the party people know we rock
So they can stay all on the jock

[ Special K ]
>From the south to the west, to the east, to the north
Come on, Moe Dee, go off, go off

[ Kool Moe Dee ]
And to the D-a-n-o B
Well, Dano B is at the t-o-p
The Superstar, as you can see
The slicker, quicker, magic tricker
On the mixer there's no one quicker
Any sign of magic tricks
There's no man quicker on the mix
Go by the name of the Superstar
So young ladies (ho!) from near or far
Whether you're high-class or rather bourgeois
Whether you live close, or you live far
Whether bus, by train, or even car
You better come and check out the Superstar
It's Dano B, deejay for me
You say cause my presentation when I'm in the nation
Causes total fascination and a total jubilation
With your cooperation and your participation
Don't give no complication, check out acceleration
Talkin faster every second
Other MC's now I reckon
You will wanna bite and chew
Sit back, listen, what you do
Get your pencil, papers and pad
You listen to me like I was your dad
Gonna write the rhymes down to 'Rhymes Galore'
Better tally it up like it was a score
And when it comes to the fly girls, all the things you were taught
You see a pretty young lady, but have second thought
Because her face is on, but her body ain't so hot
Now maybe you should have her, or maybe not
Well, if you rather have a bunch of ??? upon a ???
??? cause she's just a freak
No way that you can reach your peak
On a girl who conversate
And make sure that her head is straight
But when she don't participate
The other girl is not too late
Take it light, because you're blue
Think about it, what you do
Think about it like a man
And someday you will understand
Sex-sex-sex is the law-law-law
When a guy gets a guy on the floor-floor-floor
He sticks his information into her communication
And for further information try the Board of Education
The Army, the Navy, United States Nation
Let's rock, y'all, and don't stop
Ya keep on and shock the house
[ all ]
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
Because we rock non-stop
(Spoonie Gee's gonna...)
(Special K's gonna...)
(Moe Dee's gonna...)
(Sunshine's gonna...)

(Easy Lee's gonna...)

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