21 Savage - Oh Ok Lyrics

21 Savage Lyrics

Oh Ok Lyrics
Carbon 15 on em
AR 15 on em
Got that Glock with the beam on it
Every nigga on my team want it
Oh, you a gangsta? You a savage now?
You ain't never sprayed a hundred rounds
Last nigga tried to gun me down
Left his body in the lost and found
Zone 6 shit bitch
Who the f*ck told you shit was sweet?
Who the f*ck want smoke with me?
Nigga barking up the wrong tree
Everybody want to hold nuts on Young Savage
Probably cause your bitch wanna f*ck Young Savage
All these pussy niggas acting like they really trapping
You got one more strike f*ckboy and I'ma whack you
But a nigga watch blinging, take it
But a nigga chain blinging, take it
Said he got a bankroll, take it
And yo' shooters ain't gon' do nothing
F*ck the glamour and the glitz
Bitch I keep extended clip
I keep extended clip
I love my extended clip
15 got my first trap spot
I beat that motherf*cker out
19 niggas tried to jump me in the club
I aired that motherf*cker out
You ain't 'bout that shit that you rapping 'bout
Nigga tell the truth, what you capping 'bout?
Nigga f*ck the rap, we can clap it out
I take the 30 out and gonna slap you out
Pay attention man these niggas really weird
Pussy ass nigga gotta [?]
Bitch ass nigga
Snitch ass nigga
I take pictures with my hand on my hip ass nigga
When it gets real I'ma gon' and dip ass nigga
East Atlanta [?] to get your flip fast nigga
Got your bitch swallowing cum like some slim fast nigga
21 Gang and we don't throw no white flags nigga

Bitch, bitch!
A lotta um fake you know what I'm saying beef
Or whatever the f*ck y'all call it
Nigga, we don't beef nigga
We just eat nigga
And keep it moving nigga
21 Savage
Slaughter King
Still on that bullshit
Still keep a full clip, ya dig?
Still give ya pussy ass a face lift nigga
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