21 Savage - Out The Bowl Lyrics

21 Savage Lyrics

Out The Bowl Lyrics

[DJ Hoodrich Keem:]
Just in case y'all niggas didn't know
We the man round here nigga!
One time, lil lavish nigga

(Hoodrich Bitch!)

When she give me head she gon' use both hands
Hey! Hey!
And ya know, hey, hey
I'm the man, hey
Oh I'm in the club and I'm doing the stale face, ok
Hey, why ya mad?
I'm just here to get the check please
Hey, I need my check please!
Try to check me, you gon need a check please!
And the f*ckin Glock become designer
Niggas rockin' Glocks like that shit designer!
Ok, if I pull mine Ima f*ckin design ya!
Ok, leave you chopped up like some f*ckin' lasagna
Ok, keep the piece, I've been tryna keep the peace
You can clear the f*ckin' streets that's why I'm tryna keep the peace
Ay, I got a money recipe [?]
Ay, they can't work for you, hell, you can work for me

[Hook - 21 Savage & Key!:]
She love me cause I get it out the bowl
Ima real nigga rockin' real gold
But little do she know
I'm just tryna get her out them clothes

[21 Savage:]
20 bands in my hands Ima make these bitches do the Macarena
Ay, Ima real street nigga, I be damned if I pay you for a feature!
(21! 21!)
Mamacita! I wanna meet ya!
Smokin' reefer (gas! gas!), I keep my heater
I met her in the club, I knew she was a cheater (cheating bitch)
I can f*ck you baby girl but I can't keep you
Yeah, Ima liar, Ima dog, she a silly bitch
She always call my phone with that silly shit!
You ain't talkin money? hang the phone up (what?)
You ain't talkin money nigga? hold up (what?)
You ain't talkin money nigga? pour up (w-what?)
Got it out the bowl with the cola

[Hook x2]
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