21 Savage - Racks In My Pocket Lyrics

21 Savage Lyrics

Racks In My Pocket Lyrics
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
21 Savage bitch
Ricky Racks

I got racks in my pocket
I got racks in my
Racks in my pocket
I got racks in my pocket
Racks in my pocket
I got racks in my pocket
Racks in my pocket
I got racks in my pocket
Got it
I keep a Glock in my pocket nigga
21 I keep a Glock in my pocket nigga
21 I keep them racks in my pocket
I keep that Glock in my pocket
I keep the racks in my pocket, 21

Yeah I'm in the kitchen nigga scrapin' bowls, savage
I'm in the hotel f*ckin' hoes, savage
I count up blue hundreds nigga, yeah-yeah
I hang around with real gunners nigga
21, savage nigga'll hot bun a nigga, ya digg?
Thumbin' through them racks, thumbin' nigga, ya digg?
Bombin' shit like Osama nigga
21, ran off on a nigga momma nigga
21, I f*ck niggas sisters
Then they get dismisssed
I can't cuff a bitch
All I do is f*ck these hoes
Kick them to the curb
Pull up on a country nigga
Pull a pistol, take his f*ckin bird, ya digg?
Bitch, I don't let a nigga dig it
I know that these bitches dig it
I got two bitches kissin'
I'm in the kitchen
Yeah, scrapin' bowls, nigga washin' dishes
21, I'm a boss nigga you a peasant
21, I'm boss and nigga you a peasant
Glock.40 on me with the hollow tips
Send a f*ck nigga straight to Heaven
Hah, freestyle, all I do is freestyle
21, Nick Cannon cause a young nigga wild
21, nah nigga this ain't no motherf*ckin' class
21, run up on me, get shot in the eye
21, Rollie on me cause like 30 thousand, ya digg?
Got your bitch snortin' coke on a mountain, ya digg?
I be higher than Stone Mountain, ya digg?
Bitch I'm high like Stone Mountain, ya digg?
Diamonds in my watch like Stone Mountain, yeah
Them rocks big
Bitch my Glock big
The cop big
The car big
I'm a star bitch
Hot New Hip Hop, bitch I got a hot new Glock
Got a hot new pot
Cookin' crack, cookin' crack
Free Slime [?] cause he comin' back
Free [?] cause he comin' back
Run off with your money, ain't comin' back
Boy you know that shit gone
Boy you know you addin' wrong
Boy you know my money long
And my bitch hair long
And my swisha blunt strong
And my car go fast
And I smoke a lot of gas
I don't sell a lot of swag
But I got a lot of swag
And I spend a lot of cash
Yeah, hit the gas, hit the gas, smash off
Huh, hit her from the back and took her ass off
Bitch you know I like to cash out
Nigga know I like to cash out
Bitch I get it in the cash out
I'm in New York with the Slaughter Gang
Bitch you know we like to slaughter things
We don't want to f*ck on your main
We just wanna f*ck your side bitch
You know I got a side bitch
And I keep me about five bitch
And I [?] like a vibe bitch
Smokin' weed, I know a nigga feel the vibe bitch
Yeah, 21
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