21 Savage - XXL Freshman Freestyle: 21 Savage Lyrics

21 Savage Lyrics

XXL Freshman Freestyle: 21 Savage Lyrics
Life ain't been no walk through the park, where do I start?
Young nigga selling hard and robbing, just not the store
He never paid attention in school, can't get a job
Plus he confused, most of his partners behind bars
He turned to god
Asking him why he was dealt these cards, he feeling odd
His blood is cold, his heart's scarred but he's a street nigga
He got a pistol, he gon' eat nigga
He give a f*ck about a bitch or a weak nigga and that's real
And if that ain't real then tell me what it is
My cousin, 19, they gave his ass 20 years
My nigga Larry died and I'm still shedding tears
But I salute him cause he kept it real
But there's a lot of fakes
Backstabbing ass hoes and snakes
They turn on their people for a little piece of cake
And when you make it to the top, these f*ck niggas hate
But I'm okay cause I know one day
That I'ma leave and they gon' know that I'm 100
21, bitch
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