50 Cent - C.R.E.A.M. 2009 Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

C.R.E.A.M. 2009 Lyrics
You wan' smoke that?
Go 'head roll it son!
I don't give a f*ck man, smoke that shit, man!
You can smoke crack (SouthSide!) if you wanna smoke crack, I don't give a f*ck what you wanna do man!
Don't look to me to stop you man! (yeeah!)
I'm not gettin' in the way!

Cash rules I keep a shoot around me!
Queens get the money! - I have a nigga killed y'all. (killed y'all!)
Your in the hood ask niggaz about me.
JESUS for the money! - Niggaz'll go real hard! (real hard!)

[Verse 1:]
You are now under my hypnosis
Summertime grind come out with the toasters. (yeah!)
I return like a animal for groceries
New money breed new enemies, nigga you know this.
Another mill' another nigga sick
I got nuttin' but hard dick for your bitch to lick.
I box unorthodox, southpaw, outlaw bricks of raw
I'm out in the drought, I make the dope price soar.
Shit cool 'till the Mack out. - Run when they back out!
A nigga finna back, I better pray that bitch jam. (yeah!)
It's in God's hands! - It's all God's plan!
You mean even when a nigga gettin' smoked, goddamn!


[Verse 2:]
I push my pill with passion, I'm the author of the struggle
Where pain is the headcrack, the sign of a devil.
Trick Six six six, I'm back on my bullshit;
See clear through my third eye! - It's gon' be a murder.
Every summer every winter every spring
You think I'm bullshittin' I put that on errthang.
The shootin' gon' start right after the shit talkin'
I was sellin' crack while Mike was moonwalkin'.
Twenty off a pack, I stacked, I can't call it
I blast ya like NASA jack, ya outta orbit!
I mean your outta order! - You don't want me to send a nigga to ya,
So he can put some hot shit through ya! - Do ya?


I'm back baby, I'm back!
New shit!
The drought over!
New product!
Man I can't fit in with these niggaz, man!
I mean niggaz got mawhauks!
They wearin' skinny jeans, man!
I think these niggaz is faggots, man!
For real man!
They went to rainbow club, man...
They think this shit is a fad? Come on man!
I think it's more than that, man!
I think it's more than that...
So if a nigga wear a dress... you gon' put on a dress too?
C'mon man!

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