50 Cent - Don't Think You're Safe Lyrics

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Don't Think You're Safe Lyrics
[50 cent:]
Don't think you safe cause you moved out the hood,
Don't think you safe cause you moved out the hood
Don't think you safe cause you moved out the hood
Cause your momma still around dog and that ain't good,

[Verse 1: Rover]
I said whenever they see me, see me, see me,
I said they know exactly where I go,
I gets to swinging that...
I make you cowards get kissing the floor,
The cops ain't gon find my, find my, find my,
I keep my dessert stash inside the door
And homie I draw a fine line, fine line, fine line,
You cross the line playa you gotta go,
So so don't think you safe cause you out in the burbs
Cause jersey right across the bridge dog I send out a word,
You bought a house and left your momma in the hood,
That's absurd,
Knock on the door like I'm the UPS man ya heard,
I got a package for your baby boy,
Cause he play with that bread,
If he don't see me he'll have more than hats on his head,
I hope you get the picture,
Cause it could get worse,
You getting money, get your momma out the hood first,


[Verse 2: Rover]
You guys talk a whole lot of nothing,
That's why I say you bluffing,
You soft as baby cream and sweeter than thanks giving stuffing,
I heard you say you rich,
Than why your mum around,
You getting bread you in the hood than send her outta town,
Man you ain't hard to find,
You could believe that,
I make the call and you'll be hearing all the feedback,
You might be out the hood,
But you ain't outta sight,
You play with mine and you'll be out there for a long night,
I'm like a long flight but you ain't really tryna walk,
I been to bronx now I'm tryna be top of New York,
And I ain't never scared,
That's why I'm everywhere,
My chain on, nine with me I ain't never care,
And yeah I like to stare, cause I don't give a what,
No matter who you with, yo can still get touched,
I gets to popping off and you gon see what I'm about,
Yo... from Jersey but I'm sitting by your momma house,


[Verse 3: Rover]
Yo, I keep a mean Mack 10 that got a kick like a mac truck,
And I gets busy with it go head homie act up,
You fools act tough until you put that thing on em,
And then they get ugly and tell the doc to bang on em, bang on em,
I got a pack of wolves waiting for there first meal,
You bought a house and left your momma on your first deal,
[annoying DJ Tags]
You out in Jersey but your momma still in BK,
But you ain't hard to find,
You must be out your mind,
I'm from the hood that's why I bout my moms a big 09
I taught her what to do in case these cowards cross the line,
Come over here, search and not gon like what you might find,
I leave a major mess, oh yes you think you different,
Come do your business, and shut you down like you easy pickings,
Just gotta say the word, go ahead and make your move,
Just cause you left the hood don't mean they ain't nothing to prove

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